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Cowboy Country is happily family-operated and is proud to support our community. We have a wide variety of products to choose from. We also carry various brands to allow for greater choice. Our product line includes: Fur Felts, Straw Hats, Palm Leaf Hats, Charro Hats, Casual Hats and Caps, Fashion Caps, Fashion Shirts, Fashion Jeans, Fashion Jewelry, Original Levi's, Wranglers, Western Suits, Belts, Buckles, Perfumes and much more! Some of the brands we carry are Twinstone, Stetson, Levi's, Wrnagler, Franky Max, Platini, and many more.

Aside from selling products Cowboy Country helps you maintain your hats and felts! We have various services for felts and clothing which you can read about below. We hope you can stop by and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience with our helpful cowgirls!


- Western Products -

We have a great selection of western products for the everyday classic cowboy or the modern cowboy. Come into the store to see all of the styles and full selection. If you do not see a product you want in our site you can always give us a call and ask if we sell it. Many of our products have variations that we don't list on the site and we have many new products arriving before we can post them!

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- Fashion Products -

Cowboy Country supports all cowboy and non-cowboys! We carry a large variety of fashion and modern products from Authentic Baseball Caps to Rosary Accessories. You are sure to find something you like.

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- Services -

Ever had a hat you simply could not get rid of but needed a bit of life? We can help! Our services are very affordable and well done.


Giving your hat a good cleaning once in a while should be part of its regular maintenance. We recommend this to be done around every month and it can be done at home. However, we also recommend getting a professional deep cleaning a few times a year depending on the use, wear and type of the hat.


If your hat needs a little more than just a cleaning, we would recommend looking into full or partial hat renovations. We offer these services for most Fur Felts and the results can be greatly appreciated. We recommend partial hat renovations for those hats that might need a new sweatband or lining and a good cleaning. A full hat renovation requires a bit more time and money but could end up saving your hat and give you an almost new hat. Cowboy Country has paired with Twinstone Hats to make these hat renovations. After our in-store diagnosis we will let you know if your hat requires the hat manufacturers from Twinstone to renovate it or if can be done in-store. Ask our friendly cowgirls for more details but remember we must see your hat to determine the exact cost of the renovation.

About Us

Welcome to Cowboy Country

We are a local western store in the Chicago, IL area who provides everyone with great quality products at affordable prices.

Before we were Cowboy Country you might remember Sanchez Brothers being in our location. While we continue to serve the same market, we have expanded to also serve those who dress with the modern fashion apparel and headwear. We have a diverse amount of products and work straight with well known providers to find the best deals for our customers.

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